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Getting or keeping a Social Security disability benefit can be a difficult task.  The following Self-Help Guides will help you understand and work through the various stages of the process. There are Guides for Adults and Guides for Youth Turning 18.  Each guide contains links to the Social Security Administration’s website so you can easily find current information and some key forms. The following questions will help you determine which Self-Help Guide will help you now!

COVID-19 and Social Security Recipients

Second Economic Impact Payment (EIP)

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has some information about the second EIPs for Social Security beneficiaries and Supplemental Security Income recipients on their Second Economic Impact Payment webpage.

If you have a question about the first EIP, visit the Social Security Administration’s page: Economic Impact Payments Paid by the CARES Act. If you did not receive your first EIP or you have other questions related to the first EIP, please visit the IRS’ Economic Impact Payment Information Center webpage or you can call the IRS’ EIP hotline at 1-800-919-9835.  Please remember that Social Security’s telephone representatives cannot answer EIP questions.

Social Security & Covid-19: SSI/SSDI Stimulus Payments & Unemployment

This video explains SSA’s latest update on the economic impact payments and removes the confusion around extra steps that may be needed. It also tells you how to protect your benefits if you receive unemployment.

Social Security & COVID-19: How Social Security is Handling your Business Now

COVID-19 has brought changes to how Social Security is conducting business. This video will tell you how to contact Social Security; how to apply of appeal, Social Security’s current actions on applications, appeals, hearings, reviews and overpayments; and rule changes on deadlines and other Social Security expectations when applying or appealing.

Starter Guide for Social Security Questions and Concerns

If you need to contact Social Security for any purpose, begin with this short starter guide:

How to Contact the Social Security Administration (SSA), Make an Appointment, and Find Information and Forms Online

Guides for Adults Who are Applying, Appealing a Decision, Undergoing a Review or Wanting to Work




Can I Keep My Benefits if I Go Back to Work?

Do you want to learn about working and keeping a social security benefit?  This video will introduce you to the Social Security Administration’s work incentives that help social security beneficiaries work without losing their benefit.

Guides for Youth Turning 18 and Young Adults

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