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Assistive Technology (AT) is any equipment that can help people with disabilities overcome their limitations or keep them from getting worse.  AT can include equipment that is purchased, designed or specially modified. It can be as simple as a magnifying glass or as complex as a specially designed computer or program.

Examples include adapted eating utensils, picture communication boards, radios with special switch devices, screen readers, wheelchairs, electric van lifts, software programs and communication devices.

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This section provides information about Accessibility and Accommodations for people with disabilities.

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  • Virginia Assistive Technology System (VATS) –  Through VATS Information and Assistance System, callers can access information on assistive technology products, funding options, and resources that range from therapists to service providers to vendors of assistive technology devices and services.


Assistive Technology Devices In Action For People With Disabilities

Discover what Low-Tech Assistive Technology (AT) can do. Low-Tech devices are simple or no electronic parts such as adaptive utensils, velcro fasteners, pencil grips, magnifying glasses, Braille playing cards, and more! Low-Tech devices are often readily available and do not require extensive training. Learn more at