Opioid Treatment Program Survey

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Please answer questions below about the physical accessibility of each facility or site used for programs by your organization and programmatic accessibility. See attached sheet for ADA Guidelines on each physical feature specifications.  Indicate accessibility by checking yes, no, or n/a for each accommodation in relation to the question.

YES       Physical Feature or Programmatic feature exists.

NO         Physical or programmatic feature does not exist but should

N/A        Physical or programmatic feature does not exist and is not needed (i.e., A single-level, a ground-floor facility would not need an elevator).

Physical Features

Designated “Handicapped Parking”
Clear Passage to Entry from Parking Lot (curb cuts, access aisles, hand rails)
Automatic Door Button
Door Can Be Opened with Closed Fist
Accessible Restroom Stalls
Braille Signage
Visual Emergency Alarm System

Programmatic Features

Large-Print Materials
Braille Materials
Captioned Audio Visual Materials
Video Relay Services/TTY
Access to Sign Language Interpreters
Are your programs’ accessibility features publicized?