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Do I Need a Photo ID to Vote?

No! Virginia no longer requires a photo ID to vote.

Do I Need any Form of ID to Vote?

Yes, Virginia will accept any of the following forms of ID to vote:

  • Voter registration confirmation documents
  • A Virginia Driver’s License (even if expired)
  • A U.S. Passport
  • Any other ID issued by the state of Virginia or by the United States Government
  • Any photo employee ID
  • Any student ID from a VA private school or US institution of higher education
  • A copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, or other government document so long as it lists your name and address

The above is a partial list. Visit the Virginia Department of Elections website for a full list of options.

What Happens if I Forget My Form of ID or Don’t Have it in Time to Vote?

If you don’t have your ID with you, you can vote via provisional ballot and provide your ID by noon on the Friday after Election Day or sign a legal statement certifying your identity.

Can I Vote if I Don’t Have Any of the Forms of ID Mentioned Above?

Yes! If you don’t have any of the forms of ID listed above, you can sign a legal statement certifying your identity.

What is the Difference Between a Provisional Ballot and a Regular Ballot?

Provisional ballots are given to voters whose eligibility to vote is uncertain at the time they vote. All provisional ballots are kept separate from the regular ballots and, after Election Day, election officials will determine if each provisional ballot voter was eligible to vote. If the voter was eligible to vote, the vote will be counted. If the voter was not eligible to vote, the vote will not be counted. So, if it is possible to bring any of the forms of ID listed above or to sign the statement of identification, it is a good idea to do so to ensure your vote will be counted.

(New) Updated Voting Laws in Virginia

In this episode, advocate Joliefawn Liddell, and two of our legal interns, Mary Grace Whitten & Camille Karabaich, share with us all about the updated voting laws in Virginia.  A lot of things have changed as of July 1, 2020, and due to COVID-19, so tune in to stay up to date with all the new procedures and deadlines.  You can find out more information about voting in Virginia on our Voting page.

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