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Today, dLCV would like to highlight one of our newest volunteers, Dawn Grois.  Dawn started volunteering with dLCV as of February of this year.  We at dLCV are so happy to have Dawn bring her insights and experience to dLCV as we all work together to ensure that the rights and resources of people of all (dis)abilities in Virginia are expanded and protected!  Welcome aboard Dawn!  Check out what Dawn’s experience with dLCV has been as a volunteer so far in her own words:

1) How long have you volunteered with dLCV?

“I started volunteering for dLCV in February 2021.”

2) What have been the activities, projects that you’ve enjoyed most while volunteering with dLCV?

“I especially enjoyed contacting former clients of dLCV about their experiences with DARS/DBVI. Some of them shared their frustrations with the agencies, but, nevertheless, they were appreciative of the assistance which they received from dLCV. I am looking forward to working with others on the upcoming virtual summit in September.”

3) What inspired you to sign up to volunteer with dLCV in the first place?

“After retiring from teaching German at the Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School in 2019, I wanted to finally get involved with helping other disabled people. My son Paul suffered a traumatic brain in 2003. My family and I understand how difficult it is to find the right resources and right people to support him and us. It is an ongoing endeavor to make sure that he can survive on his own.”

4) Would you recommend to a friend, family, or colleague to volunteer with dLCV?  If so, why?  If no, why not?

“I highly recommend volunteering with dLCV. Valerie Jones, the Community Relations Specialist, gives me opportunities to use my knowledge and skills to help others with disabilities and makes me feel that I am a valued member of their organization.”