Our View of the Legislature: Special Resolutions

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Each year, the legislature considers special resolutions to recognize individuals, groups or causes. Although not substantive law, the resolutions do serve an important public education purpose. Here are some of the resolutions relating to disability issues this year:

HJ 18 (Coyner) designates the third Saturday in September as Usher Syndrome Awareness Day. Usher Syndrome is a genetic condition that can result in vision loss and hearing loss. It is the leading cause of the combined disabilities of deafness and blindness.

HJ 20 (Kory) recognizes the powerful work of the Arc of Northern Virginia and their service to individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

HJ 135 (Sullivan) sets April 11 as World Parkinson’s Day. Parkinson’s is a nervous system disorder that impacts some 10 million people worldwide.

HJ 151 (Taylor) establishes the week of March 20th as Behavior Analysis Week. That’s next week! The resolution notes that behavior analysis is a robust field with theoretical, experimental, and applied branches, as well as distinct research methods, 21 scientific journals, textbooks, scholarly and professional organizations, and university training programs.

SJ 26 (Boysko) creates the week of May 4th as Late Onset Hearing Loss Awareness week. The resolution describes late onset hearing loss as hearing loss occurring after birth but before kindergarten.

These resolutions do not become part of the Code of Virginia and do not go to the Governor for approval. So, the work on them is now complete.

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