Our View of the Legislature: Nursing Homes

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On Tuesday, January 17, 2023, the House Committee on Health, Welfare, and Institutions approved a bill to establish staffing standards in nursing homes. However, HB 1446 (Orrock) was heavily amended during the committee hearing. Some proposed amendments involved a federal Medicare tool known as “Nursing Home Compare.”

The major objection to the bill as proposed is the very long-time lines in both the development and implementation of regulations and the very long-time lines for corrective action plans when a nursing home is not in compliance. Delegate Orrock promised to continue working on the bill as it moves to House Appropriations, to the floor of the House, and eventually to the Senate. The next opportunity for the public to comment on the bill will be when it is heard by the HHR subcommittee to House Appropriations, most likely Tuesday, January 24, at 3:30.

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