A Veteran needed our help to breathe. Our advocacy helped him get a “Breath of Fresh Air.”

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Jay is a veteran who relies on the use of oxygen. He currently resides in a Virginia veterans home near his sister but wanted an oxygen concentrator in order to travel to his South Carolina home and settle his affairs. The veteran’s home does not allow those devices on their premises. The veteran’s hospital said that they would loan Jay one, but they could not do so without a physical address.

Jay called dLCV, with the help of his sister. dLCV recommended using his sister’s address as a reasonable accommodation.  This was not something Jay had thought of or tried.

The veteran’s hospital agreed to loan Jay the device and he was able to settle his affairs before moving to Virginia permanently.

Assistive Technology (AT) is any equipment that can help people with disabilities overcome their limitations or keep them from getting worse. Examples include adapted eating utensils, picture communication boards, screen readers, wheelchairs, electric van lifts, software programs, and communication devices.

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