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Jake Smith, a young man in his twenties, called dLCV with his mother’s support because he received notification that DARS was going to be closing his case. He was told that DARS was trying to close his case due to lack of communication; however, he reported that he tried to call DARS several times and his calls were not returned. He further explained that he could not respond to emails from DARS because he was having computer issues and could not get his computer repaired. Throughout the process of working with Mr. Smith, dLCV emphasized that he should speak up for himself and not rely on his mother to speak for him.  dLCV worked with Jake to keep his case open with DARS, and also developed a communication plan and continuation for services plan. Throughout the entire follow-up meeting, Jake advocated for himself without his mother present.

By the end of the meeting, Jake reported that he had been hired by a local non-profit, and DARS agreed to assist him in getting a start date for employment and supporting him at his new job.

Jake was happy with this progress, and he was thankful to dLCV for getting involved.

Do you need employment support from DARS and feel as though you need assistance advocating for these services?  dLCV can help!

Our services are free of charge.  Advocates are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm. Call 1-800-552-3962 (toll-free) or 804-225-2042 to request assistance OR complete the Online Request for dLCV Services.  If you don’t speak English, we have access to a “language line” that helps us communicate with you in your own language.

We offer information about employment rights, services available, and resources for people with disabilities in Virginia.  For more information, visit our online Employment Rights page.