March 8, 2018 – Legislative Highlights

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2018 Virginia General Assembly
Legislative Highlights
March 8, 2018

As the 2018 legislative session draws to a close, there are some bills that have made it all the way through to the Governor and have been signed into law already.

One such bill is SB 287, which was offered by Senator Jennifer McClellan on behalf of the United Spinal Association of Virginia.  The bill will enable the collection of information about the numbers of people in Virginia who have sustained a spinal cord injury and the severity of that injury, and will allow that data to be made available to the Department of Aging and Rehabilitative Services in order to develop a plan for better statewide services to meet the needs of individuals who have sustained such an injury.

dLCV was happy to speak in support of the bill.  It was signed into law by the Governor on March 5th.

The mission of the disAbility Law Center of Virginia is to advance independence, choice and self-determination; protect legal, human and civil rights; and eliminate abuse, neglect and discrimination of people with disabilities through zealous and uncompromising legal advocacy and representation.  You may contact us regarding legislative issues at or by calling 1-800-552-3962 or 804-225-2042.