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Legal Services / Courtroom Accommodations 

This resource page provides information about available legal services and courtroom accommodations. 

dLCV cannot provide legal services to every individual who calls or writes asking for help. dLCV tries to meet these needs by providing resources as well as information and referrals. Any person with a disability in Virginia can contact the disAbility Law Center of Virginia for free information and referral services. 

Virginia Lawyer Referral Service  

If you need legal services, you can contact the Virginia Lawyer Referral Service. This service, as well as the Access to Justice guide, are both provided by the Virginia State Bar.   

The American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia 

The ACLU of Virginia “protects the minimal rights constitutionally guaranteed to incarcerated persons.”  The ACLU provides information on a variety of civil rights issues and accepts requests for legal services. 

The ACLU of Virginia also provides a resource contact list for various issues.  

The Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights 

The Washington Lawyers Committee supports a number of civil and human rights projects. You can request legal help using their online form 

Legal Aid Justice Center 

The Legal Aid Justice Center (LAJC) provides legal services for low-income and incarcerated individuals through a number of programs, including its Institutionalized Persons Program, JustChildren Program, and the University of Virginia Health Law Program, which accepts cases involving mental health care in jails and prisons.  Individuals can request services by contacting one of LAJC’s four Virginia offices. 

Request Accommodations in the Courtroom 

The Supreme Court of Virginia provides information on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as applied to Virginia’s court system.  This includes the procedure for requesting accommodations and a request form for accommodations.  Requests must be sent in writing no later than 5 days before the scheduled court date. The judge’s City and County governments are required to house courts and clerks’ offices in appropriate spaces and buildings.  If you cannot physically access a courthouse building, you should contact the applicable city or county government. 

As a state agency, the Virginia court system is required to have an ADA coordinator. The ADA coordinator ensures compliance with the ADA and accepts complaints from people with disabilities. You may file a grievance with the ADA coordinator if you have been denied accommodations. 

Request Interpreter Services in the Courtroom 

Interpreters and Computer Assisted Real-time Transcription (CART) are provided by the Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (VDDHH) and coordinated by the Clerk of Court upon request.  If you will need an interpreter or CART services for an appointment or court date, contact the local clerk’s office.  Do not contact VDDHH directly.