Competencies and Skills

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The disAbility Law Center of Virginia is seeking applicants to serve on the Governing Board. The dLCV is seeking special skills and experiences that will most benefit the new organization.

Ideally, each director will bring a different set of skills to the dLCV Board, recognizing that no one individual will have expertise in every area. In determining the appropriate mix of skills, due regard shall be given with respect to cultural, ethnic, racial, and disability diversity in Virginia. The dLCV Board will consider applicants with any of these skills or experiences:

  1. Financial Expertise, such as
    1. An understanding of generally accepted accounting principles, financial statements and financial performance;
    2. An understanding of audit committee functions;
    3. Education or experience as principal financial officer, principal accounting officer, controller, accountant, or auditor
  2. Legal and Governance, such as
    1. Understanding of the roles and responsibilities of senior executives and their accountability to the board of directors;
    2. Experience with non-profit boards;
    3. Understanding of the political environment in which dLCV operates;
    4. Experience working with diverse stakeholder groups;
    5. Understanding of disability law and disability rights advocacy; or
    6. Education, experience or licensing as an attorney, paralegal, or legislative director.
  3. Recipients and Advocates, such as
    1. Knowledge about services to individuals with disabilities in Virginia; or
    2. Credentialing, education or experience in a relevant field;
  4. Development and Fundraising, such as
    1. Experience in development or fundraising for non-profit entities;
    2. Experience with a variety of sources including federal and private grants; or
    3. Education or experience as a development director or fundraiser.
  5. Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications, such as
    1. Experience in marketing of non-profit services;
    2. Experience in managing large scale public relations;
    3. Experience with communication strategy across various platforms;
    4. Education or experience in marketing, public relations, or communications
  6. Human Resources, such as
    1. Experience with employment law in Virginia; or
    2. Education or experience as a human resources director, human resources manager, benefits and employee service specialist, or staffing director